<a href="http://rockerscollective.com/rock-tales/">An Initiate, Visceral and Sonic Experience by Iconic Artists</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/more-than-a-show-its-a-happening/">More Than A Show — It’s A Happening. Customize your Set-List and Jam With The Band!</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/musical-synergy/">MUSICAL SYNERGY: Vivian Campbell, Jeff Scott Soto, Eva Gardner and Justin Derrico from Def Leppard, Journey, Pink and NBC’s The Voice!</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/jason-orme-kelly-hansen-joel-hoekstra-alanis-morrissette-foreigner-night-ranger/">Jason Orme, Kelly Hansen and Joel Hoekstra of Alanis Morrissette, Foreigner, Night Ranger and more, Rocking the Stage</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/stephanie-calvert-mickey-thomas-airplanes-jefferson-starship/">Stephanie Calvert and Mickey Thomas of Airplane’s (Jefferson/Starship) Playing Their Greatest Hits</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/stephanie-calvert-airplane-jefferson-starship/">Stephanie Calvert of Airplane (Jefferson/Starship) Captivating the Audience!</a><span>...</span>
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ROCKERS COLLECTIVE performs anthems of rock and popular hits from classic, modern and alternative rock. We provide a suggested set list as well as a classic rock set list.


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Call to discuss how we can turn your next event into a Rock \'N Roll Happening. Add guest artists, custom set list, multi-media, visual effects and even jam with the band.


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Glen Sobel @Glen_Sobel the beat master for Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires and RC, offering private lessons...don’t miss this opportunity to rock with one of the best! @RCrockcollectiv https://t.co/Anxx9QHeZf RCrockcollectiv photo

Shoutout to @jeffscottsoto previous lead vocalist for Journey, reppin RC’s tank 🤘 @RCrockcollectiv https://t.co/jrDXc8q5xg RCrockcollectiv photo

RC @RCrockcollectiv Hysteria feat: Def Leppard (Vivian Campbell) +PiNK (Mark Schulman @markyplanet and Eva Gardner) @EvaGardner Starship (Stephanie Calvert) +Alanis Morissette (Julian Coryell) @JulianCoryell https://t.co/QlRXfAksFN
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Rockers Collective

Imagine the ultimate rock band. Recall some of the greatest moments watching the world’s best musicians shredding the stage. Musicians from The Rolling Stones, Billy Idol, Foreigner, P!NK, Journey, Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, Michael Jackson, Good Charlotte, Elton John, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Def Leppard, John Mellencamp, Offspring, Joe Cocker, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and many more. Envision these musical masters collaborating on stage to bring you a world-class performance of the best songs of all time. Realize that you can make this happen with Rockers Collective!
Rockers Collective
Rockers Collective
Glen Sobel, the beat master for Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires and RC, offering private lessons...don’t miss this opportunity to rock with one of the best! #repost @glen_sobel @rockerscollective