<a href="http://rockerscollective.com/world-class-performances-by-current-rockstars/">JEFF SCOTT SOTO (JOURNEY, THE QUEEN EXTRAVAGANZA), STEVE STEVENS (BILLY IDOL)</a><span>ADD SPECIAL GUEST LEAD SINGERS AND OTHER WORLD-CLASS MUSICIANS                    ROCKERS COLLECTIVE features an amazing line-up of Special Guest Stars from...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/travis-warren-blind-melon-and-kara-britz-joe-cocker-cher-nbcs-the-voice/">TRAVIS WARREN (Blind Melon) and KARA BRITZ (Joe Cocker, Cher, The Voice)</a><span>Power, Range, Big Stage Presence: Experience The Sound and The Fury of The Best Voices in Rock ‘n Roll The...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/rockers-collective-mark-schulman/">VIVIAN CAMPBELL (Def Leppard, DIO, Whitesnake)</a><span>COMPRISED OF LEGENDARY ROCKERS AND LEGENDS IN THE MAKING. ROCKERS COLLECTIVE is Where Rockstars Play On Their Days Off For...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/set-list/">EVA GARDNER (P!NK, Mars Volta, Veruca Salt)</a><span>ROCKERS COLLECTIVE performs anthems of rock and popular hits from classic, modern and alternative rock. We provide a suggested mixed...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/hello-world/">MARK SCHULMAN (P!NK, FOREIGNER, BILLY IDOL, SIMPLE MINDS)</a><span>An Interactive Experience: Audience Member Jam With The Band and Multi-Media Special Effect. When these All-Star Musicians come together to...</span>
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Comprised of Rock Royalty and Legends in the Making, the chemistry of ROCKERS COLLECTIVE creates musical alchemy -- A HAPPENING TO BE EXPERIENCED.


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ROCKERS COLLECTIVE performs anthems of rock and popular hits from classic, modern and alternative rock. We provide a suggested set list as well as a classic rock set list.


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Call to discuss how we can turn your next event into a Rock \'N Roll Happening. Add guest artists, custom set list, multi-media, visual effects and even jam with the band.


The Rockers Meet the Band
Vivian Campbell – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Def Leppard, White Snake, and Thin Lizzy

Julian Coryell – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards

Alanis Morissette, Jewel and Aimee Mann

Mark Schulman – Drummer, Vocals

P!nk, Foreigner, and Billy Idol

Kara Britz – Lead Singer

Joe Cocker, Cher and The Voice

Jim McGorman – Lead Guitar, Vocal, Keyboards

Avril Lavigne, Weezer and Poison

Eva Gardner – Bass, Vocals

P!NK, Mars Volta and Veruca Salt

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