<a href="http://rockerscollective.com/rock-tales/">An Initiate, Visceral and Sonic Experience by Iconic Artists</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/more-than-a-show-its-a-happening/">More Than A Show — It’s A Happening. Customize your Set-List and Jam With The Band!</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/musical-synergy/">MUSICAL SYNERGY: Vivian Campbell, Jeff Scott Soto, Eva Gardner and Justin Derrico from Def Leppard, Journey, Pink and NBC’s The Voice!</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/jason-orme-kelly-hansen-joel-hoekstra-alanis-morrissette-foreigner-night-ranger/">Jason Orme, Kelly Hansen and Joel Hoekstra of Alanis Morrissette, Foreigner, Night Ranger and more, Rocking the Stage</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/stephanie-calvert-mickey-thomas-airplanes-jefferson-starship/">Stephanie Calvert and Mickey Thomas of Airplane’s (Jefferson/Starship) Playing Their Greatest Hits</a><span>...</span> <a href="http://rockerscollective.com/stephanie-calvert-airplane-jefferson-starship/">Stephanie Calvert of Airplane (Jefferson/Starship) Captivating the Audience!</a><span>...</span>
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ROCKERS COLLECTIVE performs anthems of rock and popular hits from classic, modern and alternative rock. We provide a suggested set list as well as a classic rock set list.


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Call to discuss how we can turn your next event into a Rock \'N Roll Happening. Add guest artists, custom set list, multi-media, visual effects and even jam with the band.


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A a truly slamming Gretsch sponsored dinner with some of the best drummers in the world! Thank you Gretsch Drums! @gretschdrums @RCrockcollectiv https://t.co/6ng5WKnXcE RCrockcollectiv photo

Rockin’ at NAMM with Stephen Stern, Artists Lawyer and Manager; Mark Schulman, Drummer for PINK, Cher, Foreigner, Billy Idol; and Pete Lockett, world famous percussionist at NAMM @markyplanet @petelockett #artistsattorney1 https://t.co/GHwXpyyJpc RCrockcollectiv photo

Eva Gardner, rockstar bass player for PINK, Cher, Gwen Stefani, Rockers Collective, and countless others signing autographs at NAMM @EvaGardner @RCrockcollectiv https://t.co/bUkvKm5Wq7 RCrockcollectiv photo
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